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Antithesis Needs Your Help to Shoot His First Ever Video!

Hi everyone

I’d like to ask for just a small bit of help from you in order to help spread the positive Zionist message further. And in return, you will get a new Antithesis track as a special pre-release, for free!

I would love to shoot a video for the title track of my new album: “”I’m a Zionist””. I’m going to Israel on 17th February for a few days and this would be the perfect opportunity to shoot the video with the relevant backdrops and scenery.

The song is all about reclaiming the word ‘Zionist’, and being proud of it again. It’s unfortunate that today for some people it has negative connotations, when it’s all about good things: independence, democracy, equality and the like. The idea would be to release the video online to coincide with Yom Ha’atzmaut this April, and create a strong viral buzz about the positive message.

However, it seems that making music videos (and particularly hip hop videos) is not cheap. Previously my music has all been self-sufficient but I can simply not afford the outlay for this video.  So, I come to you for help. The total amount we need to raise is £4000 ($6000) which is just £9 for every facebook fan, or £2 for every person who ever bought a CD.

And so, I ask you, in the nicest way possible, if you might be able to support this project in any way you can. In return, I will send you the mp3 of the new song before it is released, for free, and you will be the first to see the new video. And of course, you’ll be able to feel great about helping spread a message of positive Zionism.

Feel free to check out the lyrics here.

Any help is really really appreciated and I’ll keep everyone updated on how the fundraising is going!

All donations are made through a secure payment service (PayPal).Thank you so much!


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