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Antithesis News September 2003

Easy peeps

Just a few things in this update:

1) Technical Issues We’ve been having a bit of trouble with emails sent via the address on the contacts page on the website. This has now been sorted out, but if you sent anything to that address, please send again!

2) EP Update As you may be aware, only one track remains to be recorded for the EP to be completed. However, it’s been really difficult getting everyone together to record due to the summer vac. We’re looking to finish up as soon as possible.

3) Gig News Antithesis will be playing a gig at Manchester Uni on 1st October. For more info, email manchester@antithesismc.com

4) MIAs The past couple of months have seen a lot of twists in the story of Israel’s Missing in Action soldiers. An inquiry in Israel found that Ron Arad is probably still alive, and negotiations have been intensifying regarding the possible return of Elchanan Tannenbaum. Unfortunately they are yet to bear fruit, but it is a glimmer of hope.

5) Kesher Thanks to all the peeps from Kesher who ordered the EP. Extra thanks to those of you who have sent cheques. However quite a lot of you haven’t! See http://www.antithesismc.com/order for more information. Please get that money in asap.

6) Misc Antithesis is just back from Japan where he gave out a few promos and met with some favourable responses. Hip Hop is huge in Japan right now and despite the fact that they couldn’t really understand the lyrics people out there seemed to be feeling Antithesis’s flow which was cool. His quest for world domination continues!

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