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Antithesis on Twitter and Tel-Aviv gig

Two little news titbits:

1) I’ve joined Twitter! Not sure where this fabulous new platform will take me, or how much you will be interested in my updates, but I hope it will be of some interest! If you are a Twitter user, do come and join me on my Twitter journey at: http://twitter.com/antithesismc

2) For those of you based in the Holy Land, I shall be performing (including some new material) at the Culture Club in Tel Aviv on Tuesday 30th June – more info at: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=92352778076

In other news I recently made a pilgrimage to Basel to visit the site of the first Zionist Congress. It was great to be in Herzl’s hotel, and see the venue of the congress, imagining the debates that took place inside…and considering how far we as a people have come since.

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