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Back from the Studio

Last weekend I was back in the studio with Gosha Stasel recording two new tracks. One is called “”I’m a Zionist”” and you can get a flavour for what it’s about in this video of the Tel-Aviv premiere. I’m keeping tight lipped on the second for now but it addresses a certain issue I feel is currently affecting the Jewish people globally. Those who came to my session at Limmud will have more of an idea!

It was great working with Gosha again; I first recorded with him for the United Kingdom of Racism EP, specifically the tracks Ivrit Daber Ivrit, Yes to Peace, No to Terror and Ima Mechaka Babayit Part II. He’s always offering creative things to do with the music that I bring to the table, and this is really helpful.

The tracks are currently being mixed (this will take a while, as Gosha has a lot on right now), but that gives me time to work on the other tracks for the new EP, which still need to be written. I also really want to do a music video for at least one of these new tracks. Will of course keep you posted!

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