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I’m just back from Limmud, the annual cross-communal Jewish education conference in the UK. It was great; I did a gig and a few impromptu performances too, and plenty of CDs were sold. I also had a chance to hook up and jam with MCs Y-Love out of the USA and Anomaly out of the UK. Good times for all.

Today saw the launch of a new Antithesis page on the social-networking site Facebook. Due to the fact that the site makes it very easy (and free!) to store media it is the only place you can hear extracts from some never before released radio interviews I’ve done as well as some other fun stuff. If you are on Facebook just go to www.facebook.com/antithesismc and add yourself as a fan. Any support is always much appreciated!

In other news the new CD is now in profit so all the money from new sales will be going straight to charity. This is great news and it has happened a lot quicker than with the first CD, I’m pleased to say. Feedback on the new tunes have been positive so if you have not yet picked yours up be sure to do so at www.antithesistherapper.com/buy and continue to spread the word!

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