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Donations, New CDs, Gigs & Website News….

Lots of exciting things to tell you about in this update…

1) First donations to charity To mark the anniversary of the launch of ‘The Israel Question’ EP I’ve begun to donate the profits from CD sales to the two charities sponsored by The Antithesis Charitable Fund: The International Coalition for Missing Israeli Soldiers and the UJIA Terror Victims Support Fund. On my recent trip to Israel I presented the ICMIS with a cheque for £1000 and shall be presenting the UJIA with a similar cheque sometime soon. The ICMIS were extremely grateful and it is really nice to be able to do something positive as a result of my passion for music. Thanks loads to you guys for buying the CD, as without you there were would be no money to give!

2) Compilation CD As I mentioned in my last update, I am featured on a new compilation CD that has been released in the US: Celebrate Jewish Hip Hop. The CD was launched last month at a party in Hollywood (unfortunately I couldn’t make it but I hear it went well) and has been received very positively so far. The CD is commercial but any royalties I receive will be going into the charity fund. If you’re interested in picking it up you can do so online either on amazon.com or at http://www.craignco.com/albums/celebrate_hip_hop.php

3) Website Update I’ve been making some changes to the website. The ‘Press’ section has now been supplemented by a front page article from the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles about the new compilation CD. There are also loads of new pics of me performing in the ‘Multimedia’ section, so feel free to check it out. I’m currently looking at ways to put my radio interviews including the recent appearance on BBC Radio 1Xtra online so I’ll keep you posted on that.

4) Recent Gigs Last month saw two Antithesis performances: one in London at Ner Yisrael synagogue and another in Israel at the annual conference of the Federation of Zionist Youth. Both went well and it was great to see so many people rapping along with me – it’s impressive that they can remember the words! I used the gig in Israel to premier my new track: ‘Ivrit Daber Ivrit’, a song about the history of the Hebrew language featuring a verse in Ivrit itself. Following me on stage were Israeli chart toppers Hadag Nachash which was quite a privilege!

5) New CD I’ve begun working on a new CD. No idea about a release date as yet as it all needs to be recorded but a lot of material is already in place. It is likely to be rather different to ‘The Israel Question’, although there will be some similarities. More info to follow in the future…

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