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Hip Hop Home (Haaretz Newspaper)

British rapper Antithesis, a.k.a. 18-year-old Samuel Green, recorded a song in Jerusalem last week which will feature on a compilation CD about Israeli MIAs.

Antithesis, who is mid-way through a year program in Israel with the Federation of Zionist Youth, penned “”Ima Mechaka Babayit”” (“”Mother’s Waiting at Home””) after hearing a speech by Chaim Avraham, father of kidnapped soldier Benny Avraham, who has since been declared dead by authorities.

Antithesis told Anglo File he hopes the record will inspire people to call on world leaders to press for more information about the Israeli MIAs and to offer support to the families affected. Antithesis chose his rapping name because he is “”the antithesis of the stereotypical rapper,”” as he is white, middle-class and Jewish. (This never stopped the Beastie Boys.)

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