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Israel Rapper Sets the Record Straight – Jewish Chronicle

Forget Ali G! Cambridge University has produced another white, middle-class Jewish boy intent on shattering stereotypes, writes Jemma Wayne.

Samuel Green – aka “Antithesis, the Zionist Rapper” – has released a debut album of emotionally charged songs entitled “The Israel Question.”

The four-track CD, released last month, contains three songs dealing with the problems Israel is facing today and a fourth about his own desire to make aliyah.

Included on the album is Antithesis’s popular underground 2002 single “Ima Mechaka Babayit” (Mother is Waiting at Home), – a plea for the return of kidnapped Israeli soldiers.

Mr Green, a member of FZY’s national executive, explained that, angered by media coverage of Israel, he had wanted to give the public a new, young and proud vision.

He told Campus: “A lot of people don’t know that much about the issues facing Israel. I want to raise awareness and spread a positive pro-Israel message.”

However, the Oriental Studies student is not yet sure quite how far he wants the message to spread. “Initially I’m targeting my music at the Jewish community and am hoping to galvanise them into action.”

“Long-term, I would like to take the message to the general public, but I’m worried that it would get twisted somehow.”

Mr Green is, meanwhile, hoping to raise a target of at least £8,000 from record sales, to be split between the campaign for the return of Israel’s MIAs and the UJIA Terror Victims Support Fund.

So far, sales – at some 350 – have exceeded expectations.

“People who have never listened to rap music before, have told me that they like it,” Mr Green said.

“Most of my following comes from the Jewish community here and in Israel, but people from the United States and the Slovak Republic have been ordering the CD as well.”

CDs can be purchased via the website: www.antithesismc.com

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