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Limmud Conference 2009 and Off to the Studio

I just got back from Limmud Conference which was a great experience as always. I ran a session about my music (check the video section for some clips) which was very well attended – the room was full – and well received. I also ran a similar session for the Young Limmud participants which was great fun and they had some incisive questions. Of course we sold plenty of CDs, although unfortunately we accidentally sold someone an empty CD case – if it was you please contact us via the contact page asap so we can rectify that situation!

I enjoyed a great deal of the rest of the music on offer with notable performances from Kobi Oz’s new group Mizmorei Nevuchim, Naomi Less (the Jewish chick rocker) and Darshan. And then there were all the other sessions I attended from a hugely varied schedule. This year was my seventh Limmud; it’s a great event and I am already looking forward to next year!

This weekend I am heading to the studio to lay down a couple of new tracks. More on that to come!

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