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New Antithesis Interviews

Antithesis was recently in Spain where local radio station Radio Sefarad took the opportunity to record two interviews, one in English, and one in (slightly dodgy!) Spanish. Check them out here:

http://www.radiosefarad.com/andromeda.php?q=m&m=/Uploads/Noticias/A02052009englishcorner.mp3 (English)

http://www.radiosefarad.com/andromeda.php?q=m&m=/Uploads/Noticias/A25042009laentrevista.mp3 (Spanish)

They have a whole lot of interesting programming, so worth checking out the whole site and archive at www.radiosefarad.com

For those who haven’t seen it check out the previously unseen material of the recording of Ima Mechaka Babayit on the Antithesis facebook fan page (and become a fan!): www.facebook.com/antithesismc

Elsewhere work on new material is progressing…somewhat slower than had originally hoped due to various other commitments, but we’re getting there.

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