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Big things! After a long period without having the time to  write/record, I’ve put some new tracks together to do with the recent Lebanon conflict. The first, ‘Yes to Peace, No to Terror’, should load  up when you visit my myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/antithesismc) and is about my reaction to the way the conflict was portrayed in Britain.

The second, ‘Ima Mechaka Babayit Part II’, is an update of my earlier track with a new middle verse about the recently captured MIAs and is also available to listen to on the myspace page.

Both tracks are available to download on the site. I would encourage everyone to download them but please show your appreciation (if you do like them!) by making a donation to the Antithesis Charitable Fund. The money goes to funding the campaign to bring the MIAs home and also to support Israeli victims of terrorism. Every little counts and you can make your donation at www.antithesismc.com/buy (by clicking on the ‘make a donation’ button).

Obviously I would rather not be making these tracks but hopefully they can make a difference in some small way. Any feedback is welcome. If you like them then please spread the news to friends/family/associates/people you meet on the street…you get the picture…!

Tomorrow I am travelling to Tel-Aviv for a big rally in support of the MIAs and hope to see many people there. This is a very important issue and we must campaign to bring these boys home.

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