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Sami Green Goes from Communal Leader to Global Rap Star – Jewish Chronicle

What does a former director of the Federation of Zionist Youth and general communal macha go on to become? A rap star of course. Well, if you are Sami Green that is.

Twenty-four year-old Mr Green, aka Antithesis, is making a name for himself as an international MC and hip-hop star. He has recently released his second album, United Kingdom of Racism.

“I am called Antithesis because I am the antithesis of the stereotypical rappers,” he tells People. “I first started rapping when I was 15 and the album combines my two passions of Israel and music.”

United Kingdom of Racism features five songs, which celebrate different aspects of Jewish identity in Israel and the UK. All proceeds go to charity. His previous CD, The Israel Question reached four-figure sales in 14 countries.

Mr Green featured in the JC’s Power 100 list of the UK’s most influential Jews. While at Cambridge University, he was elected president of both the Jewish and Israel societies and founded Kol Cambridge – an Israeli and Jewish music radio programme, which was nominated for the BBC student radio award. He then spent a year as head of FZY. He was recently asked by television company Endemol to be a contestant on the next series of Big Brother but declined.

Currently living in Kingston, South London, Mr Green is preparing to move to Geneva to start a new marketing job.

He says: “I hope to carry on with my music. I love doing it.”

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